Thursday, February 4, 2010

new pic!!!

One happy family
all of us in side the lions mouth
Cora is trying to be a lion
all of us on the slide. Cora loved going down by her self. (yes that is Jeremiah Curtis's son next to us)
on my gosh did Cora love to swing she would kick her feet trying to get higher
this is the first time that we came in to Cora's room and she was standing in her crib. we had just lowered in the night before. talk about perfect timing.


moosie said...

Yep! That's the beauty of Family. What fun. Cora is sure growing fast. she is so beautiful. Love you all. Dad & Mom

Marilyn said...

O my...Cora is growing too fast. Love the lion. I can see she's not going to be afraid of anything. You will have your hands full very soon.
Love, Aunt Marilyn